Our Equipment

Bransen Drilling prides itself in having a unique fleet of drill rigs and equipment. While we have larger rigs for unique projects, the majority of our work is completed with a Foremost DR-24. This “dual rotary” rig is unlike any other in that it allows us to rotate the casing down as we drill. This feature gives us the ability to drill and case through even the most difficult geology where traditional casing hammers may struggle. With this rig we can turn casing from 6” diameter all the way up to 24”.

In addition to our rigs, we also have a complete fleet of support equipment including service trucks, water trucks, auxiliary air compressors, a boom truck, pump truck, dozers, loaders, and a wide variety of tooling for any type of project. 

Click the link below for an overview the the DR-24 that we operate:

Foremost DR-24